I was browsing the web and swimming down the rabbit hole of endless news about the fraud industry. While I was looking up Michael Shah, a marketer on trial for a whole list of online trading scams, I came across the video below. I don’t know if the video below was produced by Michael Shah, but interestingly, the actor in the video is promoting Binary Options. Now, the link it took me to was to a company called click2sell.co who run a whole different type of scam – not binary options. It seems that this second scam may have stolen this scammer ad and re-purposed it for a different scam. Maybe a bit a of karma there. One scammer scamming another scammer.

Maybe we will do a profile on the clicktosell scam at another time but I will just mention that I signed up for the scam and was immediately called by an “account manager” who tried to lure me. Incredibly, he claimed that his last customer earned $10,000 profit in 3 weeks (on a $200 investment). I will remind you that claims like that are always fraudulent. There is no investment opportunity to make profits like that under the face of the sun.

Now, watch the scammer ad below if you haven’t already seen it and read the analysis below where will analyze the specific tactics used by the scammers to lure people in.

Scammer Ad Tactics

Here is one

Establish trust and rapport by using an actor who is in a similar demographic to the target audience ( retired or close to it). Also, notice how the actor isn’t “perfect”. He is not the model type. No slim waist and polished haircut. The chose someone who looks like a regular guy, affable friendly, someone you can trust.


The lure of wealth. Showing fake numbers of videos of people who are supposedly part of this millionaires club. By showing these people, they create a sense of community and opportunity. You can be a part of this! This is the bandwagon effect. If all these people are doing it, you should probably too, goes the psychological tactic.

Now, the two guys with the homemade videos

What are they doing here in the middle of a professionally produced scammer ad? Couldn’t the producers afford to pay a professional cameraman? Instead, they hired to random guys off the internet to make their own unprofessional video recordings. Here is why; unprofessional looks real. The claims this guy is making are outrageous, belief-defying. But with backup from two regular people on cellphone videos, it starts to become more believable.

Now is where the scammer ad starts to address the skeptics

scammer ad

The actor goes on to talk about how his system is different than anything else. He talks about how you may have been led on a wild goose chase by binary options companies (which is what he is selling) and how you are still broke. In other words, he knows his viewer may have already been scammed previously and he wants to disarm them so they aren’t worried they may be scammed again – which is exactly what the scammer ad is trying to do. He even has the hutzpah to say that “I get angry when I think about how they’ve taken money from people who are just trying to get ahead…”. So the scammer ad is using empathy to help his future victims feel understood. This is sickening.

Limited Supply – the rule of scarcity

“You may never see this video again if you leave this page”. This sentence serves use the viewers fear that they will lose out overcome their natural reluctance to trust a stranger over the web. “So I’m here one last time to change a few lives”

How the scammer ad gets people comfortable putting down $4,000 just to start

$4,000 is a lot of money and most people can ill afford to throw a sum like that away on a risk. If someone approached you and told you that you can invest $4,000 to make $6,000, you would probably hesitate. But if the potential upside was a million dollars, you may take the risk. The scammer ad plays of the risk-benefit analysis to create a huge potential upside so in comparison, 4k seems like a small sum.

Now I could go on but hopefully you get the picture by now. Make no mistake about it. This is top notch marketing. And there is nothing wrong with marketing, until you are using it to lie and steal – may the scammers rot in hell.

I hope this partial analysis of a scammer ad was helpful to you. If you think you may be the victim of an online trading scam, or even if you just lost money trading, we may be able to help you get your money back. Get your free consultation today by filling out the form here.