Your bank can’t help? Losing money trading can be devastating, and it hurts even more when your bank claims they are unable to help.


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Welcome back to money back here next podcast. Here’s your money back. Hero Wells recovery expert. I’m here today to help you out and discuss the topic of my bank says that I cannot be helped because I was involved in crypto currencies or the bank says that there are no chargeback rights for trading platforms. Well the bank says that you lost your money in trading what he wants. Must any of these ideas. OK. So let’s just address these one at a time.

Know who you are speaking to

First of all when you go to your bank or when someone goes to the bank they need to make sure they’re speaking to the right department. OK. For example somebody goes somebody has a problem with their foot and they go to the doctor and they ask the doctor about the flip the doctor says no your foot is fine it’s I see no problem with it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Now the question is what type of doctor did they go to.

It just happens the doctor said there’s no problems with your foot is a dentist. He has no idea. He’s just looked at your foot. The doctor says acid base is all this dental knowledge. There’s no problem with your foot because this dentist has no idea about feet issues. He’s a dentist. When a person goes to the bank and they go they called up the bank hotline they generally speak to somebody who’s just a customer service rep who deals in general knowledge and they have no idea what you’re talking about.

bank can't help you

Do they even know what a chargeback is?

They’ve never heard of a chargeback and all logical reality a person when they spend their money on the training platform they lost the trading it’s gone. They don’t know what to do with you. And most people are too proud or too ignorant to admit that they don’t know something. So Intel is telling you that they don’t know. They will tell you they will give you their quote-unquote expert opinion which is completely in doubt because they’re not a foot doctor their dentist has actual experience as I’ve been assisting a client on a phone call and somehow we got transferred to the wrong party at the bank.

We’re speaking to the bank and this bank worker starts to accost the client and lay into them. “Our bank can’t help you.” What are you doing and giving them a tough time? And I was just I was getting confused and I said to the person is this the chargeback department. Do you have anything do the chargebacks. And they said no. Then, I said OK the transfers to the right department. So this person had no idea what’s going on I have this client been by themselves on this call. They would have just been accosted by this bank member thought that there’s nothing they can do. And I thought their money was gone forever.

This is important

OK. So the first important step is going to the right person at the bank. Now even if you get to the right person at the bank there’s another obstruction is the banks have their own perception. Each individual you speak at the bank has their own perception of reality and truth be told when you bring your case to the bank what happens is is the person that you speak to at the bank no matter that at the top of the food chain or the bottom of the food chain. That person is then going to make a decision whether or not you have chargeback rights or not.

Generally, it is about convincing that person that you have chargeback rights. If the bank can’t help, and a person doesn’t know what they’re doing or how to approach the bank they’re not going to be able to convince the person either that or they convince the person and the good person will do the chargeback in the wrong way. At the classic line of frozen goes the bank is they’ll say what happened will and the person will say the Klan will say well there was it was fraud. The money was stolen by some from some thieves and they pretended to be giving service and they didn’t. And that’s why I want you to do a chargeback. So what are the bank here?

What is the credit card view on fraud? This is important if your bank can’t help.

They heard was fraud was fraud and it was stolen. So in credit card terms what fraud means is that someone charged your credit card without your knowledge. That’s fraud. And because now they’ve just said it was fraud they stole money from me the bank thinks that it’s a fraud charge back and they’ll run it as fraud which could be successful but probably not because every single trading platform in order to avoid this this chargeback claim collects what’s called KYC documents which is a copy of a license copy of a passport signatures picture of a of the client’s credit card.

And this is for a specific reason for their clients every claim that there was fraud when the charge that comes to the comes to the scammer. It says fraud. They’ll say What are you talking about fraud. Look here’s their license they sent this here their passport is the images. Everything they need to defend against the fraud Sergeant claim. So so that’s one mistake that that client can make. And let’s say the bank says it’s cryptocurrency.

There are no chargeback rights for cryptocurrencies. So for crypto, the bank can’t help. If you think that, that is 100 percent wrong. That is built on some misinterpretation interpretation misunderstanding of how the chargeback process works. There are many different reasons in which a chargeback can be raised. All that the person who you speak to knows is some broad piece of information that their superior heard from their superior and then it’s filtered down to a level of nonsense that developed into a way of dealing with customers.

Do you live and breathe Visa & Mastercard rules?

So if a person is not familiar, the bank can’t help. Absolutely breathing the code of Visa and MasterCard then they’re not going to know what to do with this. Well the bank told me that I don’t have chargeback rights for this. What do I do. The banks right. They know and obviously the bank is infallible the bank knows no. As I said before the bank’s sole purpose is to clear paperwork off their desk a chargeback comes on.

They were told a certain thing by their superior and they write the check off. Does this have chargeback rights? Yes or no. That’s it. So once they’ve gotten the chargeback there is one phase before even submitting documentation to the bank. If touching the bank would happen there’s a gatekeeper before that who’s supposed to filter out a non-legitimate chargebacks.

What about the gatekeeper?

So if that gatekeeper which the vast majority don’t know the chargeback rules and are just going on a policy that some manager told them that was that are skewed anyway. They won’t know how to get through that and get to the next phase of getting at least having some documentation. So that’s why a chargeback expert somebody like money back hero who are the world experts in the chargeback process getting the victims of trading platform scams their money back.

This is where one way that money back hero steps in and can break through that barrier is because we do know that our clients are victims and they do have tried back rights and it’s about understanding and knowing the chargeback rules and how to use them to for you the chargeback rules are here to protect the consumer. And unfortunately the bank is there to clear the desks the paperwork.

Online trading scams where the bank can’t help

Therefore it’s important it is essential that victims of binary forex crypto CFD scams have somebody who knows these rules and knows how to use these securities on the client’s behalf in order for them to get their money back anyway. This has been. If your bank can’t help, you need to know someone who can make them do what is right.

Now, this is Pierce with money back hero helping you recover your funds as fast as efficiently as possible. Again, if you think you may be evolved in some sort of a bind CFD forex crypto scam whatever it may be or any other scam and you’ve used a credit card or a debit card or anything with a visa Mastercard American Express any type of card logo on it then please be in touch with the experts who can get your money back which is money back here dot com. Everybody stay safe.