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Why The BlueTrading Case Is Different

The typical online trading scam format follows a predictable pattern. First, you see an ad on the web. Then, you click on it and fill out or form or create an account. immediately following this, you receive a call from a “broker” who convinces you to start small by placing a a charge of around £250 on your credit card.

BlueTrading took a different approach with a minimum 3k “investment” just to get started. And they added another twist into their scam. They told clients that credit cards could be used but their would be a 6% processing fee (whoever heard of that?!). This created the false impression that credit cards were okay, but it was in the clients’ own benefit to do a wire transfer. And of course, that was not the case. When investors discovered they were scammed, they realized they had no recourse to retrieve their funds as they might have had they paid via credit card.

This is why we are exploring a class action lawsuit against BlueTrading. We would like to assist investors who are out of options. At this point, we have interest from victims who have lost in the neighborhood of £1,000,000. Fill out the form to be notified of updates regarding this case.

The article We Put Out On This…

BlueTrading Scam: MBH Spearheads Effort To Sue

Bluetrading has suddenly closed all trades. Thousands of clients have lost millions of Euros from this scam while Bluetrading continues to claim falsely that they are regulated.

Sheena, a BlueTrading investor from Australia shared that her and extended family have lost a total of 260,000 Euros to this scam. Her family’s pension fund has been exhausted and she is worried about paying bills. Unfortunately she is not the only one Continue Reading…

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