Blue Trading Scam: Everything you need to know.

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Editors note: This was transcribed digitally and not fully edited because we wanted to get this out as quickly as possible. We will be improving the transcript over the next day or two if you prefer to read, rather than listen. For an article we put on the blue trading scam, click here.

Hey everybody. This is Pierce with your money back podcast. And we are making an emergency podcast right now today. We have to talk about, because there is an epidemic of the blue trading scam that has just you know really hit the ground. What’s happened is, that one of these larger companies involved in the scam trading market. The blue trading scam has just shown the entire public their true colors right now within the past week or so.

And what’s happened is this is that the blue trading scam, an unregulated trading company, pretends and puts up the facade that they are real trading company. In fact, they have done something that is unbelievable. Really you know their entire operation is unbelievable. The fact that they’ve just effectively told all their clientele that there was a bug in their system and that all the client’s money has been lost is incredible. OK so let’s just get to the basics of how these scam traders like the blue trading scam operate and we’ll proceed from there. OK first things first.

blue trading scam

How the Blue Trading scam worked

What happens when somebody uses a fraudulent scam trading platform? OK. Let’s just break down the pieces. If somebody wanted to steal money from somebody else the absolute ideal way to do this is to have the other person give them their money and make them believe that they are offering them a service. And then once they’ve gotten the person’s money, to then convince them that they’re the owner that through the through the person’s actions or through actions that have occurred that this money was lost.

This is how every scam trading platform operates. Therefore, when a person deposits money with it with trading companies such as the blue trading scam, the victim thinks they still have the funds. You know a threat when a few other ones like Binary Tilt, Brighter Trade, and Wyze Bank when a person “deposits” money with them that money is then deposited directly into that scam bank account. Then, they manipulate a platform to make it look as if there is some sort of trading going on and then “oh no” something happened the money is gone. What will happen: The next reality is the money was a win it was never coming out. The account manager that somebody dealt with they get paid on the deposits. OK. Any “broker” who makes their money on deposits is a scammer. Plain and simple. This is exactly how the blue trading scam operated.

There was no actual trading going on with the blue trading scam

Let me say that again when you deposit money to a scam broker like the blue trading scam the person we were dealing with your on gets gets paid his commission on the deposit meaning that money is not coming out. There’s no win gains only losses that will ever occur. OK. So blue trader has just recently whatever has happened internally within them and we are on it right now trying to figure out what’s going on. But most importantly we’re on the case to help to spearhead the movement to help everybody get their money back as soon as possible now because how blue traders set up is that blue trader has convinced most of their victims to deposit money through cryptocurrency Bitcoin SRP ripple whatever it may be.

There is no safety net from a making perspective more or less as whereas what you know money back hero does is we help people get money through this back through the security systems of Visa and MasterCard and the other card networks and there are ways we can get their money back. OK. That are fast and you know solid we can do that. No problem because of the deposits made through safe deposit the quotes made through wire transfers or cryptic deposits. It’s like passing cash and there’s you know especially the wire transfers going to your bank. It’s you know the. Percentage of success of getting one’s money back through a wire transfer are you know far less than 5 percent. OK.

So what is the course of action?

So what’s the course of action in order to get this money back. OK it is a matter of finding out personal information getting to the people at the top of these companies of this company Blue trader specifically and then linking them through the cause of loss to all the clients and taking them forward in a lawsuit. And that is what you know money back hero is on top of. We’ve had a flux a significant flux and flow of people contact that contacting us.

We think it’s just happened recently. We’re looking into it right now we’re getting our people on the case. And it’s a matter of linking and getting this going forward. This is not going to be a short process. This is going to be a long process that will result in a civil lawsuit.

The more people join, the better

And the more people we have combined in this effort the greater our chances are of getting money back from the blue trading scam. So right now what what do we do now. OK. At this point in time the next phase of what we need to do is we have a group that’s forming getting everybody together getting all the stories together getting all the information together collating everything getting the correct teams on and running and getting the evidence that we need and putting our our you know the trusted law team on this who had experience in this base getting these money back going forward and pushing forward with a civil slash class action lawsuit against these scammers. So one word of warning OK at this point in time if you have lost money through a wire transfer OK your chances of getting your money back through going with the bank direction is less than 5 percent. OK.

Do not pay large upfront fees!

Do not pay significant amounts of money who somebody if somebody is promising you this service again your chances of getting your money back are less than 5 percent. Do not I repeat do not lay out significant amounts of money for someone to assist you with this. OK. What I would highly suggest is what other people have done find the appropriate company was able to assist in getting. Your money back through the proper channels. OK at this point time because the vast majority have done wire transfers encrypted transfers we have to count go after blue traitor in a civil lawsuit. OK so. It’s a long process as stated a lot of evidence.

It could be a year plus of process but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We will find these people. We’ll get all the information all the data all the evidence we need. We’ll put it together. We have the best the absolute best team on this to find them and bring them to a civil lawsuit as speedily as possible. If you are part of this group hundreds I presume thousands of people who have been hit by this blue trader situation then the best address to is is contact us at money back hero.

Become a part of the case

We’ll take your details. We’re cold we’re right now we are asking for any money. We’re taking everybody’s details. We’re getting everything prepared. We’re going to put it we’re going to be completely transparent as the costs you know each person puts then you know it’s going to be split evenly divided among the participants of this civil lawsuit and we will push forward and. True transparent and real way in order to get your money back.

There will be no promises. I can tell you right now and I want you to know this to manage your expectations the most money to my knowledge that has ever been rewarded in a civil lawsuit such as this has been 50 percent. So let’s start by managing expectations is that do not expect to get any more than 50 percent of your money back now. It could be theoretically based on the country in which we find the founders located in the operate is located.

We will be doing our honest best

It could be more. OK but as to date there’s never been more than 50 percent recovered or awarded by the courts in such a situation. Also in pursuing this this avenue of fund recovery it could be that it comes back quicker. Because once these people know that we’re onto them we’re pushing forward we’re going to you know put painted media everywhere and have them published these people these thieves personally as much as possible. It could be that it result in a much faster settlement offer that’s in the frame that we want and it could be quicker.

OK but they’re at a multi-pronged approach and our goal as is always the goal from money back hero is one thing is to be honest be transparent and get as much money back for our clientele as possible. OK. That is our our plan of action at this point in time. If you or someone you know has been involved in this a blue trader epidemic please let us know it does not cost you a penny. We will not charge you anything we will not try to sell you want anything. We are merely going to collate all the victims that we can put them together after we have that we will then send you exactly it fully transparent plans to what we were going to do and what the costs of such facilitation and operations cost. OK. Once again this is Pierce money back hero trying to help you keep your money safe keep you safe protect you and to get your money back.