“Hero” evokes a knight in shining armor, the Good Samaritan, the strong and pure of heart driven by the desire to do good in the world. According to webster’s dictionary, a hero is “one who shows great courage”. So we picked an out of the box name for our business. But it isn’t just a marketing gimmick. We mean it. Allow me to explain:


What does being a hero mean?

I recently got into Marvel’s Daredevil and The Punisher on Netflix and it really hit a certain nerve for me. I don’t watch a ton of TV/Movies, and when I do, I am not often drawn into the story much. But something about these two shows really spoke to the part of me that wants to have more courage, to be strong, to choose what is right over what feels good or looks good (as David Lieberman lays out in his books on self esteem). This is the hero we are talking about. In the comics, heroes always seem to have a crystal clear internal compass on right and wrong. And they seem to do a glorious job of being judge, jury, and executioner all it once.

However, in real life it isn’t so simple. Right? Most of us don’t have the incredible reflexes of Daredevil or the brute strength of The Punisher. And how often do we get it wrong when we are really trying to do the right thing? But we can do our best. And only we know if we are truly doing our best. No one else gets to tell us that, because we know deep inside if we are truly doing the right thing. That is what a hero is. Being a hero does not mean always getting it right. It means doing our utmost to live up to a moral code that isn’t always so clear.

What does a hero mean to us?

But there are certain things that are crystal clear, where there is no moral ambiguity. Stealing money from pensioners is evil. Robbing innocent victims of their life savings is nothing short of disgusting. For this, we don’t need to sit here and dig into the grey to see if scamming people out of their hard earned money is wrong. It is wrong! Scream it from the rooftops!

And that is why we chose the mythical hero as our logo, as our company motto. Because we see not only opportunity, but a clear moral duty to right this wrong. We love knowing that we work doing the right thing. I feel great coming in to work every day knowing that i am helping innocent victims get their lives back. For this reason, we take no shortcuts. We keep everything completely above board. Because we don’t want any ambiguity entering into the equation. We want to live up to the hero in each of us here at the office.