Money Back Guarantee Badge

Why is our money back guarantee so important?

Our money back guarantee is at the core our desire to build trust with you, our client. Why is this so important? The reason is because, if you are a client, that means you are the victim of trading scam. Now, those are fancy words but the true implications of them are that you were taken advantage of. Worse, you were betrayed by someone you thought you could trust. The scammers are not just thieves. They train in the art of deception. They work hard to build trust and rapport as they insert themselves into the lives of their victims.

The scammers probe, discover, and play on their victims, dreams, fears, and desires. Then, they use this information in a cold and calculated effort to financially rape their victims and fleece them of every last penny. So after being hurt like this, it is understandable that you may find it hard to trust again. that is why we offer a money back guarantee. Because we want you to know that we will do whatever it takes, and proverbially put our money where our mouth is when we fight for your case.

How does our money back guarantee work?

We guarantee that we will raise a chargeback with your bank or we give you your money back (the up front fee you pay us to open your case). I’ll explain what that means. In the case where your credit card is stolen and a thief uses it to make a fraudulent purchase, all you need to do is call the number on the back of your card and explain what happened to the fraud department at your bank. Then, they will raise a chargeback and send the money back into your account. Next, they will ask the merchant to prove that you made the purchase in question. When the merchant fails to prove this, the case will be closed and the money will remain with you.

However, when you were victimized by a fraudulent trading company, you gave them permission to use your card. Therefore, in most cases, if you call your bank to report this, they will tell you that you have no chargeback rights and cannot open case. This is where one of our scam recovery heroes promises to get your case started. We will put together a rock solid case that ensures your bank will agree to open the chargeback case.

What is included

This includes compiling and combing through email correspondence, documents, and phone recordings if available. Then, the case is organized by a recovery specialist and contact is made with the issuing bank. Our guarantee covers getting your bank to actually open the case. In this way, you can rest assured that you won’t be throwing good money after bad. If we fail to get the bank to open the chargeback, you get your entire up-front fee back. We will need your cooperation and the money back guarantee is contingent upon this. For precise details, please review your contract.

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