Pierce gets into the question: “Am I being scammed?”


Am I being scammed? That is the million dollar question being addressed here. Hey everybody this is Pierce, your wealth recovery expert at moneyback hero. This podcast is here to help you to know if you’re in trouble, if you’re getting scammed. What to do if you are in the midst and how to get your money back:

So that’s the topic of this podcast. Today’s topic of discussion will be how to know if your trading platform that you’re using your broker is in fact a scam platform. We will help you understand if they’re a legitimate platform or if they’re somewhere in between. For example, some of them are a sort of hybrid of legitimacy that’s doing legitimate things but also scamming. So let’s start off with looking at your platform. So the best thing to do when you’re logged into a platform to verify whether or not you are getting scammed is to verify if they are regulated platform.

Is The Platform Regulated? This bit is crucial to know if I am being scammed

Now what is regulated and unregulated? Regulated means that a government body is overseeing their actions and checking whether or not they’re scamming or cheating people. That’s what government regulation means. And really, you know for your sake the only governments that matter are regulatory bodies and governments in first world countries. Because if it’s a government regulated let’s say in Vanuatu or Seychelles or unfortunately something like Estonia then there’s not real. In any case, there is no real weight carried to that because these governments want the income that’s created by these companies. Therefore, they do not really oversee the companies.

am I being scammed?

Where should the regulatory body be based?

You want a government regulatory body in the US in Canada in the UK in Australia. You know something that’s real something that’s palpable. OK. So the way you go about this with your trading platform that you’re using. When you scroll down, you go down to the bottom of the of the front page. That is where you should see writing there that tells you this company is X Y and Z. It’s regulated by this if it don’t say it’s regulated by any real you know boards I think is another one that’s a Cyprus regulatory financial body. If it doesn’t say there you can always then well that should be a red flag to you and you can always double check on the terms of conditions.

In the case where it doesn’t say any first world country regulatory financial committee then then lo and behold that is not a regulated company. And what is unregulated? It means that obviously these people are trying to 99.9% scam you. I’m just gonna say one hundred percent stealing from you. OK and how these companies operate? Believe it or not is your account manager who you think is your buddy. The way he makes his money is when when money is quote unquote “deposited”, he gets his commission because they never want to let that money come out. No real brokerage operates this way.

Am I being Scammed? First stage

Pierce again here with Money Back Hero: So that’s the first stage and really you know seeing what’s going on and identifying if you’re being had you’re being scammed to check if the regulator is not regulated. Ninety nine point nine nine and I would just say hundred percent of the time you are indeed being scammed and that’s a problem. So what do you do once you’ve realized OK now put a whole bunch of money into these into this scam OK. Most people’s immediate real action is to fight back to say something crazy to start causing problems.

I want my money back! What not to do:

I want my money back. I wanted to man things no do not do that. Under no circumstances should you indicate that anything is wrong. These people are hunters. They have their prey which are unsuspecting victims who are who are in the you know their sites. They’ve been tracking you know you or whoever their prey is and they’ve been creeping up and they are in the middle of. And you know setting the trap. So as soon as they get a sniff that somebody is you know suspects them they will then come at them with full force and make sure that that money will be irretrievable. So it’s very important that when you know you get a an inkling that you may be in the middle of the scam do not start fighting back.

If I think I am being scammed, act as if everything’s OK, totally fine don’t act as if anything’s wrong. If anything, you should indicate that you want to put in more money. And at this point in time, this is when you need to contact an expert. It must be somebody who is knows the process knows how these these criminals operate. So he knows what they’re going to do, before they do it. They’re really your only hope of getting out of this trap. OK. Just to be blunt there is no real way out. Your bank may be able to help you. However, I’d say in my experience somebody who goes straight to the bank runs less than a 10 percent chance of getting their money back.

Increasing your chances…

OK so if you really do want to you know increase those exponentially increase your chances of getting my money back. I suggest you go to you know speak to somebody immediately. This way, you can get some clarification of what’s going on and what’s happening, Find out what are the processes that can be done in order to retrieve your money. So again this is this is Max at money back Hero. And if you need any help in identifying where you are and you know if you’re in THE SITUATION feel free to contact us at money back hero, okay. Until next week. This is Pierce with money back hero. Signing out. See you in the next one.