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Is StockGlobal a scam?

Yes, Stock Global is certainly a full blown scam. This review will explain to you exactly why that’s the case.


How do we know they’re a scam?

Well for one, we fight scams all day long so we’re experts on the subject. Secondly we’ve received multiple submissions from clients detailing their experience with Stock Global. Their experiences all match the exact story of typical trading scams. But we wouldn’t rest on our laurels without digging in. So here is some more Stock Global Review material for you to ponder.

StockGlobal Review Pages

Well the problem is, there really aren’t very many. No legitimate good reviews and a handful of scathing bad reviews. This part is simply indicative of the amount of time that StockGlobal has been running their scheme.

StockGlobal’s Review Page on Trustpilot

Stockglobal review

There are some reviews online on Longsdale Capital LTD who owns

StockGlobal Review


The Stock Global Website

Well the website really tells it all but we’ll go through and detail what’s proof and what’s conjecture.

Stock Global Homepage Review

The Stock Global website claims that you can “Trade Securely in Global Financial Markets”. We’ll see just how secure those markets are as we get to the end of the review.

The Stock Global App

One method which scams use to attempt to come off as legitimate is by portraying that they have an app in the Apple Store and Google Play Store (some scam companies actually go as far as to create a basic trading app). Stock Global claims that they have an app. The language that they use to leverage their advanced trading platform (“their app”) is actually linked to the Metatrader4, which is the most popular trading platform used by scam companies and certainly not a product of StockGlobal.

Stockglobal trading app

It’s not their platform. It’s a popular platform used by scams.

Stock Global alleged app

Withdrawal Options

You don’t get any withdrawal options! According to the individuals that contacted us and deposited money with Stock Global, there’s only one direction your money can go when dealing with Stock Global and that is into their account.

Promises, promises

This is already beating a dead horse, none of the offered promises below actually exist and even if they did, it wouldn’t make things any better, you still couldn’t get your money back from them without using alternative means such as a fund recovery company.

It’s all in the language, or rather, it’s all in the BS

We know you’ve been patient so here it is. The most compelling proof of StockGlobal being a company that can’t be trusted is…

No Regulation or Regulatory Body

They aren’t regulated. It’s really that simple.

No legitimate financial institution in the world practices without a being licensed and regulated. The reason that regulatory bodies exist in the first place is in order to make sure that institutions offering financial services practice honestly with their customers.

We’ve written extensively regarding financial regulators and how even a regulated company could be practicing dishonestly. In a case where there is NO regulation whatsoever it doesn’t get much scammier than that.

They Don’t Even Pretend To Be Regulated

The fact is, Stock Global is not even claiming to be regulated. Many online scams will show fake regulation credentials or that they’re regulated by an organization located in an obscure location such as Vanuatu or St. Grenadines. StockGlobal is not even attempting to portray a fake regulation.

Longsdale Capital LTD.

They say that they’re owned by Longsdale Capital LTD who has been reported to the Belgium financial regulator the FSMA as a scam. This should be the nail in the coffin in terms of red flags. We hope that if you haven’t begun “trading” with StockGlobal that you’ll practice extreme caution. If you have already given them your money, it would be a good idea to reach out to us to assess if we can recover your funds.

Can I get my money back from StockGlobal?

Yes, if you’ve fallen victim to the StockGlobal scam or a look-alike site, and you want to get your money back, it is possible to get all or at least a portion of your money back. has helped thousands of scam victims get their money back. Contact Today For A Free Consultation.

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