If you’re one of the thousands…

If you’re one of the thousands of unfortunate families that have been left stranded by the abrupt end to Thomas Cook airlines and you want to get your money back here’s what you can do.

Ways to get your money back from Thomas cook Airlines.

  • Contact The UK Aviation Authority
  • Claim from the ATOL travel Insurance
  • Claim form your private insurance
  • Raise a chargeback with your credit card provider

Contact the Uk Civil Aviation Authority

The Uk CiVIl Aviation Authority has created a website offering repatriation to some of the unfortunate customers. If you started your journey out of the UK then you are in luck. The CAA has promised to hire planes to return passengers to the UK who had purchased return tickets. However, they have advised people oversees to only travel to the airport once alternate flight plans have been confirmed.

Travel Insurance

The ATOL( Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing ) is a United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority scheme that gives financial protection to people who purchased holiday packages from any members under their alliance. 

Thomas Cook is one of their members meaning that your hotel package should be protected. However, the Aviation Authority has warned customers not to pay for their hotels before verifying a particular hotel is covered. They may instead have to move you to a different hotel which does fall under the Aviation Authorities guarantee.

Here is their advice for customers having issues with hotel reservations who are under the Atol Protection program

To find out if you are under the ATOL protection program, click here

Your Own Travel Insurance.

You can also claim from your private travel insurance if you do not fall under the ATOL protection scheme. Call up your ticket provider to see if your ticket came with travel insurance.

Paid Via Credit Card

If you are not under any travel insurance but you paid via credit card you can claim your money from your credit card provider. This is something called a chargeback where you can reclaim the money for not receiving the service you paid for.

This can be a very complicated process as the credit card companies will do their best to deter you from filing this type of claim, as it almost guarantees them having to offer you a full refund. If you need help with filing the credit card chargeback contact MoneyBackHero for a free consultation 

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