Check your broker? Check your Hero.

We highly recommend that due diligence is done. Whether dealing with an online trading platform or a recovery company. The responsibility of the client stays the same. Check your broker and check your hero as well.

The Check your broker and check your hero policy. promotes checking out any and every company online prior to engaging in business. Investigating your broker is no different than investigating any company and is no exception.

We believe in absolute transparency and currently the most transparent platform to our knowledge is

So that’s where our reviews and testimonials can be found.

Update!: We’ve found another site that one of our valued clients decided to write about us on.


When was started, of the founding principles of the company, transparency and integrity were the top two. Every day hundreds of unfortunate victims contact to try and get their money back from scams. Moneybackhero is able to take a large number of these cases and successfully recover the victims funds. There are cases however, where the scam company has disappeared, or the case is too old for it to be possible to attempt a recovery. While it greatly saddens us when we must inform someone that we can’t take their case, we are also proud that we are able to practice proper business ethics and not make promises that we can’t fulfill. 

If for any reason we are unable to take a recovery case because the chances of getting the money back are just too slim we still want to help. This is why we offer the Money Back Blog.

Here we offer articles on methods one might attempt to retrieve their funds, as well as news updates regarding ongoing trading scams and ways to avoid getting scammed again.

We encourage very much reaching out to us and leaving questions or comments so we can provide for you in the best way possible and so that we may better ourselves and our knowledge base in fighting scams. 

You can also use our free Broker Check service by clicking here. If you’d like to find out if a broker is legitimate or regulated, or if you’re suspicious that your broker may be acting dishonestly contact us right away and we’ll provide you with all of the details that you need to know and what actions can be taken.

Check my broker.

If you haven’t yet contacted us and you feel like you’re being scammed contact us right away for a free consultation.