1. First, you will speak to one of our Recovery Consultants who will inquire as to the nature of your loss to determine the likelihood that we can help you.
  2. If it is determined that we are in a position to assist, your consultant will send over a contract for you to review. In the contract, the terms of our agreement will be laid out clearly. The consultant will review the payment terms and any other important details. You will then sign and return the contract. Upon payment of the initial fee, work will begin and your case will be prioritized.
  3. We will research the offending trading company, compile evidence and documentation, build the client case, and then assist with the filing of the initial chargeback. Depending on how things turn out, the bank could return your money and this could be the end. If the trading company bank fights the reversal, then we pull the gloves off and fight back. It could take up to 180 days until the case is finally closed.