This is a review on of and both of whom appear to be operated by the same individuals.

Is a scam?

Yes, and both fit the profile of a typical trading scam. The lack of regulation, history and the reports that we’ve received from numerous clients all indicate that is a full blown scam. Homepage homepage reviewed

Unfortunately the only gift any of their clients will be receiving is the terrible news that their money is gone. Homepage review

Another massive indicator that this company is a scam, is that they are offering “loan investment projects” and claiming “up to 21% return paid monthly”. This is far and beyond any educated investor would hope to make on any investment short of winning the lottery.

Wisefunds Review Page

Another sure indicator of a scam is usually their review page. In this case the wisefunds Trustpilot review page is a list of obviously fake reviews which sound more like advertisements than reviews. They’ve also made the name of the review page different than the name of the website to try and deflect the inevitable backlash that their review page will give once clients understand what they’re up to.

Wisefunds review page

No Regulation and neither even claim to be regulated by any government body. This is a sure sign of a scam. Any company that is offering financial products MUST have be regulated and no honest investor would start a company in the financial services industry offering financial products without obtaining

If you are considering trading with or or if you’ve already commenced trading with them. We hope this article has informed you of what you need to know. If you’ve already given your money to Wisefunds or Wisefund, contact us right away to find out how you can get your money back.

Located in Estonia? claims to be located in Estonia. A well known hotbed for scam companies to incorporate. doesn’t even show an actual location of where the business is. review page

I’ve Already Given Them My Money. What Can I Do Now?

If you’re a Wisefund customer and you feel that you’ve been mislead through your trading experience, we may be able to help you get your money back from Wisefund. We’ve help thousands of clients get their money back from companies like Wisefunds.

If you’re a victim of a fake broker who was impersonating, we can help you recover your funds as well. You can also report the company at and

We understand that this process can be confusing. For the average person, this is an unfamiliar and byzantine process. Scammers can be hard to track down. And even if you can track them down, they may live in a country whose legal systems are built to protect them, not you.

MoneyBackHero has helped many people like you. Contact us for a free consultation. We recover your money, and you pay us a percentage of whatever we recover. It doesn’t get any easier than that.